So the most awaited Super Bowl 2016 commercials is confirmed now. We have got the complete list of Super Bowl commercials 2016 here. Super Bowl 50 will be on 7th February 2016. One of the most watched sporting events in United States and advertisers are moving behind Super bowl. CBS is the official broadcaster of Super Bowl 2016.

You can also watch Super Bowl 2016 online here. From the latest news, CBS charge $5 million for a 30 second ad during half time shows of 2016 super Bowl. While comparing last years, it's around 11% increase in advertisement cost.

The 50th edition of Super Bowl will have the most expensive commercials and promotions in 2016. So don't miss out Super Bowl 2016. We will be updating each and every movements live here. Stay tuned. Let's check out which are the companies included in Super Bowl 50 commercials.

Super Bowl 2016 Commercials

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2016 Super Bowl commercials

Check out full list of Commercials for Super Bowl 2016 below. We will have video updates and ads for Super bowl 2016 here. Stay tuned.

Avocados from Mexico: 30 second ad during first break of Super Bowl 2016

Butterfinger (Nestle): One 30 second ad during the 3rd quarter

Colgate (Colgate-Palmolive): One 30 second ad towards the end of the second half

Doritos (PepsiCo's Frito-Lay): Winning ad from "Crash the Super Bowl" contest be shown

Honda: One 60 second ad spot in the third quarter of the game

Hyundai Motor America: Two 30 second ads, one in the first quarter and one in the second quarter

Intuit: One 30 second spot

Kia: One 60 second ad spot in the third quarter of the game

LG: A 60 second spot, their first Super Bowl ad

Mini (BMW): One 30 second ad in the third quarter, BMW's only ad in Super Bowl 2016

Mtn Dew (PepsiCo): One ad

PayPal: One 45 second commercial in the first quarter of the game, PayPal's first Super Bowl ad

Pepsi-Cola (PepsiCo): halftime sponsorship and one ad

Skittles (Mars Inc.): One Ad

Snickers (Mars Inc.): One 30 second commercial

Squarespace: One 30 second spot, the third consecutive Super Bowl ad

SunTrust: One 30-second spot

TurboTax (Intuit): One 30 second commercial

Weather Tech: One 30 second spot One 30-second ad

Acura (American Honda)

Anheuser-Busch InBev


Best Super Bowl Commercials

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